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The project

The client: Redband

Timo Mangelaars asked me to provide VFX for social media agency Tante Tini


Use provided PBR models to add VFX to Redband’s campaign


Advanced tracking and optimalising simulations.


Tracking, simulations and animation in Cinema 4D. Rendering in Redshift. Compositing in Aftereffects.

3D Object Tracking
Modeling & Texturing


This was a fun one. The hardest part was the learning curve. At first glance the footage looks easy to track. But none of the software methods could solve this automatically. In the end it was a race to meet the deadline.

Working with 25 frames per second footage caused motion blur to erase the trackers, de smiley shot didn’t have any trackers at all and most of the tracks (a minimum of 7 per object) where done manually frame-by-frame.

Sometimes you just have to eat the elephant. It was very educational to work with the PBR models that Redband provided us with.

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