Bergman Clinics

Online en TV Commercials

The project

The client: The Valley

Video content for Bergman Clinics was requisitioned by Full service agency The Valley


Focus makes the difference. I was asked to provide VFX support by removing threads from the real colorpanels and simulate digital colorpanels.


The icons in itself are design are designed by the Valley to comply with the rest of the campaign. I was asked to animate and seamlessly integrate them into the footage.


Icon optimalisation in Adobe Illustrator. Adobe After Effects was used for the animation and compositing. Boris Mocha Pro for the tracking of the difficult shots.

Rigging and optimizing


The campaign for BMC contains photo and video media. Starting in 2019 with VFX and motion design for the first TVC, shorter snippets for additional tag-on use and later a new commercial made from alle combined snippets over time.

I also helped retouch and add the red focus effect in some of the photography campaign.

Although barely visible the rigging of the spine was most interesting, using AE’s in built expression system to fit the vertebrae along a animatable spline.