The project

The client: STRM Privacy

Direct work for STRM Privacy, a startup in digital privacy management.


Explain how STRM handles privacy, using easy to understand symbols and language.


A fun way to think of privacy, the dots resemble packets of data, using visual metaphors to explain how STRM handles privacy.


Adobe Photoshop for storyboards, Cinema 4D / Redshift for the 3D and Adobe After Effects for the edit and video post.

Project Management
Modeling & Texturing
Rigging and optimizing


By working in segments – script, storyboard, rough animation, texturing and lighting – and getting each segment finished and signed off, we had minimal surprises before starting the end-rendering process.

Expanding the request to 2 different online commercials + an instruction type video forced me to really optimize the scenes, textures and renders. The project rendered for 168 hrs.

I’ve used an Xpresso driven rig for the shelves, making length, lights, strips and logo animations way easier.